Welcome to La Factoría, where one venue houses six extraordinary bar experiences. From a laid-back cocktail lounge to a high-energy dance club, our multifaceted establishment invites you to explore and indulge in a variety of atmospheres, all while enjoying our renowned hospitality and signature drinks.

  • La Facto

    Known as the "Front Bar," La Facto holds a significant place in Puerto Rican history as the former legendary "Café Hijos de Borinquen." This iconic corner was where cocktail culture first took root on the island. Once inside, the exploration begins.

  • Vino

    Directly beyond the entrance of La Facto lies Vino, a quaint side-bar offering a curated wine program and wine-based cocktails crafted by sommelier Franco Busó. With its intimate atmosphere and carefully selected offerings, Vino provides a sophisticated escape for wine enthusiasts and cocktail aficionados alike.

  • Shing A'Ling

    Stepping through a pair of swing doors from Vino, visitors find themselves in Shingaling, also known as the Salsa Room. La Factoría proudly preserves the musical essence of Old San Juan within this space, featuring its house band, La 51, founded by esteemed musicians Tempo Alomar and Roberto Roena. Shingaling has become a beloved stage for salsa and jazz performers and a preferred venue for dancers throughout the island.

  • El Final

    Following the rhythm of the night, guests move into El Final, illuminated by a red neon glow and featuring an elevated DJ booth. This is where the late-night party unfolds, characterized by an electronic music vibe. As the name suggests, El Final often marks the conclusion of a night out in Old San Juan, providing a memorable finale to the La Factoría experience.

  • El Desvío

    The most recent addition to La Factoría's diverse offerings is El Desvío, an intimate, candlelit bar hidden behind the corridor connecting El Final to La Cubanita. With only ten seats available, El Desvio is easy to overlook, but those who discover it are treated to classic cocktails expertly crafted by our bartenders, making it a cherished find for the fortunate few.

  • La Cubanita

    In an expansion nodding to tradition, La Factoría absorbed the neighboring La Cubanita, an old bodega with deep roots in the community. Honoring the legacy of Don Chago, the longtime proprietor, La Cubanita retains its old-style charm and remains a beloved spot for locals in the neighborhood.

Things you should know

The basics

  • We're open everyday from 11am.
  • Seating is on a first come, first served basis. We do not accept reservations.
  • We are an 23+ establishment. Please carry valid ID.
  • No outside food or drinks.

Salsa Nights

Join us for live salsa every Sunday and Monday starting at 10pm!